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Education Opportunities

The department of anesthesia provides medical students and residents with first-hand experience, close supervision and a specialized curriculum. Basic anesthesia training is provided to undergraduate senior medical students and postgraduate junior residents at Women's College Hospital.

Our Education and Research Philosophy

In our education and research, as well as treatment of patients, we are strongly grounded in a philosophy of evidence-based medicine.

What is evidence-based medicine?

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the application of the current best evidence in making decisions about patient care. It involves the integration of both individual clinical experience and the best available clinical evidence gathered from systematic research. EBM is used as an effective guideline to determine the best diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the individual patient. It is not cookbook medicine, nor a one size fits all approach. Evidence is gathered from a variety of clinically relevant sources and is not limited to randomised trials or meta-analyses. (See our Resources section for more information about evidence-based medicine.)

How is evidence-based medicine used in our research teaching?

Our goal is to help students and residents learn by using the evidence cycle as a teaching tool. Hypothetical examples and clinical scenarios are used to teach where and how to find the best evidence available, as well as how to identify the most relevant aspects and construct essential questions to explore. Critical thinking is especially encouraged to assess, appraise and analyze the existing literature and consider how studies might be improved.

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Our Publications

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