About the Education Department

As an internationally recognized academic health sciences centre affiliated with the University of Toronto, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) offers unparalleled mentorship, teaching, leadership and learning in an ambulatory environment with focussing on generating sustainable health system solutions. WCH promotes a culture of respect, acknowledging the importance of equity and diversity across our learning organization. We support humanistic education and care, engaging our patients and communities in working to improve our processes and practices.

At Women’s College Hospital, we are inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals to deliver care better than we’ve ever seen and health better than we’ve ever known. All while in an integrated healthcare system that spans from home and community care to ambulatory, acute and long-term care environments. Together, our team of professionals and learners are revolutionizing patient care and the patient experience as we transform inpatient to outpatient care models and enable the most effective integration and care transitions either in person or virtually. We strive for excellence in all our educational endeavours and take pride in the many quality educational opportunities available here, such as those through the Centre for Ambulatory Care Education (CACE).

Women’s College Hospital has a rich history of creating a safe space for marginalized groups to practice medicine and continue their education. The history of Women’s College Hospital began in 1883 with the founding of Woman’s Medical College. This came in as a response to the refusal of medical schools in Toronto to admit women for the study of medicine. The Education team at WCH strives to create life-long learners, while also aiding the path of our future healthcare professionals. As a fully affiliated Academic Hospital, WCH hosts learners from a variety of health professions.

Education Awards

The 2022 Education Awards application is now available.

Open to physicians, staff including nurses, allied health, non-clinical staff who supervise students, and administrative staff who support students/learners.

Please submit the completed nomination forms and any supporting documentation to:
Theresa Kay, Room 6229 – 76 Grenville St. (phone 416-323-6400, x 3103) theresa.kay@wchospital.ca
The deadline to apply is April 1st, 2022.