Executive Compensation Disclosure

The executive contracts contained here are posted for the purpose of public disclosure; the hospital has taken this step with the consent of the hospital executives. The contracts posted are the original employment contracts negotiated at time of hire. Legislative changes, changes to role accountabilities, movement along salary scales, cost of living increases and hospital policy changes have impacted how the hospital currently administers these contracts. The contracts posted are the only existing contracts for these individuals.

Performance Management Program 

Women’s College Hospital has a comprehensive executive performance management program. The Board of Directors annually establishes measurable goals and objectives in collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief of Staff (COS). Each executive's performance against these goals is combined with a 360 degree performance evaluation that provides the Board with a basis for determining if the executive has succeeded in achieving his or her goals. The outcome of the annual review is tied to compensation.

The CEO in turn establishes measurable goals and objectives with each member of her executive team. Each executive’s performance against these goals along with a comprehensive list of measurable leadership competencies are evaluated by the CEO as part of the executive’s annual performance review.

Executive Incentive Compensation

The CEO and the COS have the opportunity to earn a merit incentive of up to 20% of their base salary. The Board annually determines the individual’s performance based upon the outcome of a performance review and the achievement of the individual's goals and objectives.

With the Ontario Government's introduction of the Excellent Care for All Act for fiscal year 2011-2012, the Hospital's Board of Directors has apportioned one quarter of the CEO and COS 20% incentive potential to goals and objectives that are tied to the specific Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). 

As an incentive structure did not exist for the CEO's senior executives, each executive's base salary was reduced by 5% to create a pay at risk cash reserve that the individual can earn back by achieving specific Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) goals and objectives.

Perquisites Policy

The Government of Ontario enacted in August 2011, a Broader Public Sector Perquisite Directive. This Directive requires hospitals to reduce the range of perquisites that may be made available to hospital employees. In August 2011, Women’s College Hospital implemented the perquisite policy to ensure ongoing compliance with the Government of Ontario Directives. Employees that had perquisite entitlements in their contracts were informed that some of these perquisites would be eliminated from their contracts, and each of these employees has acknowledged these changes by signing a letter of acknowledgment which is now attached to their employment contract.

Posted Policies Governing Senior Executive Compensation:


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