Throughout our history, Women's College Hospital has embarked on numerous research programs relating specifically to women's health. The hospital has claimed numerous "firsts" of which it can be proud, and has pioneered several programs.

1883 Woman's Medical College opens
1911 Women's College Hospital and Dispensary opens: a seven-bed hospital where medically trained women could practice medicine.
1947 WCH collaborates in the development of the simplified Pap test for detecting early symptoms of cancer, particularly of the cervix.
1948 The first Cancer Detection Clinic for women in Ontario opens.
1963 WCH becomes the first hospital in Ontario to use mammography as a diagnostic tool to detect breast cancer.
1973 The Bay Centre for Birth Control, the first hospital-supported walk-in clinic, opens.
1981 Perinatal Intensive Care Unit is declared the Regional High-Risk Pregnancy Unit - the first of its kind in Canada.
1984 WCH opens the first regional Sexual Assault Care Centre in Ontario.
1987 The Brief Psychotherapy Centre for Women, the first hospital-based outpatient therapy program in Canada, is established.
1988 WCH delivered the first test-tube quintuplets in Canada.
1991 The first colorectal cancer clinic in Toronto launched (U of T Jessie Gray Colorectal Clinic).
1995 WCH was designated a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Women's Health, the first in the hemisphere.
1996 WCH opens of the Environmental Health Clinic, the only one of its kind in Ontario.
1996 Women's Cardiovascular Health Initiative is established – Canada's first cardiac prevention and rehabilitation program designed exclusively for women.
2006 WCH becomes Ontario's only academic ambulatory hospital with a primary focus on women's health as it begins operating independently under the Public Hospitals Act.
2008 Canada's first breast implant reconstruction in a single stage is completed.
2013 WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) launches.
2013 Opening of Women's Xchange, women's health research knowledge translation and exchange centre based at WCH.
2015 Hospital redevelopment is completed, and phase 2 of the new state of the art facility opens to the public.
2016 WCH launches myHealthRecord, online patient medical record. 
2018 The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers at Women College Hospital launches.
2018 WCH offers transition-related surgeries – the first public hospital-based surgical program in Canada focused on providing safe and timely access to transition-related surgical care.

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