Accreditation Q-Tips – Collect them all to win a WCH crewneck!

May 23, 2022

WCH’s next onsite Accreditation survey is December 5-9, 2022 and teams are busy working to improve processes, brush up on safety practices, and update key resources for staff and patients. To help staff prepare, we’re bringing back quick tips, or Q-Tips, with a twist!

Q-Tips are pocket-sized cards that outline key information about a WCH process in a condensed format. Since many WCH members work remotely, and to be more environmentally friendly, these Q-Tips can be collected virtually. There is an option to collect hard copies as well if you choose.

Collectible Q-Tips will be embedded in various Accreditation promotional and educational materials such as WCH Connect articles, all-staff emails, and web content. A distinctive badge will mark items containing collectible Q-Tips to make them easier to find. Once you find the collectible Q-Tip, download it or take a screen shot and save it to your computer desktop or on your phone. Just make sure your collectible Q-Tips are saved where you can find them later.

At our annual WCH barbecue in the Fall, the first 250 staff who have saved ALL the collectible Q-Tips, whether they are physical cards or in a virtual format, will win a one-of-a-kind WCH crewneck! Keep a close eye out for these hidden Q-Tips – find them all and you will be eligible to win this original sweatshirt.

For more information about Accreditation 2022, you can visit the Accreditation Intranet Hub on the Intranet homepage.

Thanks for participating in this year’s Q-Tips campaign to help prepare for Accreditation 2022!

A sweatshirt with the woreds "we are women's" on it
Two women holding up sweatshirts