Care Everywhere Launches at WCH

On January 10, we officially launched Care Everywhere – an exciting new EPIC feature that allows us to safely share data with other EPIC organizations and provide patients with more comprehensive care. The idea of Cary Everywhere is to have One patient – One chart, seamlessly sharing relevant information between care providers in order to create more extensive patient charts.  The information exchanged includes patient-level data, such as allergies, medications and immunizations, and encounter-level data including notes, visit diagnosis, encounter summary, and more.

With the go-live complete, we are now connected to many of our peer hospitals across the province. In fact, all Ontario hospitals that use EPIC are currently live on Care Everywhere. When a patient transitions their care from one EPIC site to Women’s – or vice versa – the module will share their clinical and encounter summaries with their new care provider. Prior to upcoming appointments, Care Everywhere searches for other organizations where the patient has been seen and automatically requests the most recent documents from each organization. This way, the information is readily available in real-time for the physician to review.

Over the last few months, the Care Everywhere project team has worked with departments across the organization to gather feedback and ensure the module meets the diverse needs of each program. The successful implementation of the new module is the result of collaboration among many teams across the organization including IM/IT, Privacy, Health Information and so many others. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success!

Tools and Tips for Clinicians

The Care Everywhere project team has created comprehensive guides for those using the new module. You can find them through the Care Everywhere learning package.