Bay Centre

The Bay Centre for Birth Control clinic offers comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care for women in Ontario. Our confidential services include physical examination, counselling, information and referrals.

Our clinic also houses the Special Treatment Clinic.

Contraceptive Health Care:

The Bay Centre provides information, counselling and assessment for all methods of birth control, including:

Think you might need emergency contraception? Visit, a website developed by Women's College Hospital to help women choose and access emergency contraception in their area.

Reproductive Health Care:

We offer the following services related to reproductive health care:

  • pregnancy testing
  • assistance with pregnancy decision-making
  • counselling
  • referrals to other health-care providers

Abortion Care:

We provide information on, and access to, the range of choices available to women. As part of this service, we also provide assessment and pre- and post-abortion counselling.

Information on abortion, including decision-making for unplanned pregnancies, types of abortion procedures and what to expect before and after a procedure is here.  

The Bay Centre is accredited by the National Abortion Federation. Go to to learn more about the National Abortion Federation.

Sexual Health Care:

The Bay Centre also offers a host of other sexual health services including:

  • Pap tests (check out our Drop-in Pap Program)
  • testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • safer sex counselling and information
  • counselling and referral on other sexual health issues
  • anonymous HIV antibody tests including pre- and post-test counselling
  • HIV information and treatment referrals

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