Drop-in Pap Program

NOTE: The drop-in Pap program (Wednesdays 4 - 7 p.m.) is temporarily closed. Please contact the Bay Centre for more information.

The Bay Centre for Birth Control has developed a weekly drop-in Pap program available to any woman seeking a Pap test. The program runs on Wednesday evenings from 4 - 7 p.m. A health card is not required, but patients are asked to bring at least one form of identification. The program is staffed by a team of female nurses, ensuring all patients will be seen by a female clinician.

Due to the program being run by nurses, patients are asked to visit the drop-in program only when they are not experiencing any vaginal symptoms that would require the immediate attention of a physician. 

Recently updated cervical cancer screening guidelines from Cancer Care Ontario state that women should have regular Pap tests every three years between age 21 through 70. The term sexually active includes vaginal intercourse, vaginal/oral, and/or vaginal/digital intercourse. All women, regardless of who they have sex with, need a Pap test (this includes women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, or queer) up until age 70. After age 70, women who have had three normal Pap tests in the preceding 10 years can stop screening.

For more information on the drop-in Pap program, please contact the Bay Centre for Birth Control at 416-351-3700 or BCBC@wchospital.ca.

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