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CT Scans (Computed Tomography)

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CTscan.jpeg (14 KB)Computed tomography (CT), sometimes called a CAT scan, uses x-rays to make detailed pictures of structures within the body. Most parts of the body can be examined using CT. 

During the scan, the patient lies on a table attached to the CT scanner, which is a large donut-shaped machine. The CT scanner sends x-rays through the area of the body being studied. Each rotation of the scanner takes less than a second, and provides a picture of a thin slice of the area of interest.

Most CT scans require a patient to have an injection of material we call contrast. It is very important that you tell your technologist and the person booking your appointment if you are allergic to this contrast. There are things we can do to help prepare you for the exam.

Women's College Hospital provides abdomenal, chest, head/neck and musculoskeletal CT scans, as well as colonography (virtual colonoscopy) scans.

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