Video Visits

At Women’s College Hospital we are making healthcare more accessible, responsive and equitable through the use of digital health tools, like video visits. We know that taking time off work, spending money on transit or parking and finding childcare when visiting the hospital are all barriers to receiving timely and convenient care. Video visits bring care directly to the patient. 

Patients report that video visits save them time, are convenient and easy to use. If your provider or clinic has contacted you about receiving care via video, below is a list of what you’ll need, including instructional videos and downloadable guides.

Preparing for your Video Visit 

To conduct a video visit at Women’s College Hospital, you’ll need the following:

  • A myHealthRecord Account
  • A computer, laptop, or mobile device with:
    • A reliable and secure Wifi internet connection
    • A front-facing camera (webcam)
    • A microphone
    • Speakers or headphones

For help or support with your video visit, please call 416-323-6205 or email Live support is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Specific applications are required for conducting video visits on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Find your device below to learn how to access and what you’ll need for your video visit. For some devices, you will need to download applications (see your specific device below)

VIDEO: How to complete eCheck-in

VIDEO: How to launch a video visit (Windows)

Virtual Visits FAQs

  • What is a virtual visit?

    A virtual visit is one where you and your healthcare provider do not meet at the hospital in person. By leveraging technology, virtual visits allow healthcare providers to interact with patients remotely or at a distance. WCH offers three types of virtual visits: telephone visits, video visits and secure messaging. 

  • Why is WCH offering virtual visits?

    We know that taking time off work, spending money on transit or parking and finding childcare when visiting the hospital are all barriers to receiving timely and responsive healthcare. Virtual visits brings care to patients directly. 

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to maintain physical distancing, we have increased our virtual visits to ensure that we continue to provide care for those who need it in a way that is safe for patients, staff and our community. 

  • How is a virtual visit different than an in-person visit?

    Just like an in-person visit, you will have an appointment with your physician or healthcare provider. Connecting via the telephone or video, your provider will have your medical record with them and will discuss your current health status with you, including any symptoms you may be experiencing, or medication needs. At the end of your appointment, your provider will discuss next steps, including booking another virtual appointment or an in-person appointment should that be needed. 

  • How is my virtual visit booked?

    A member of your care team will call you to discuss scheduling a virtual visit or converting your upcoming appointment to a virtual visit. They will discuss the option to either have a telephone or video visit with you. The type of virtual visit you have will be based on your care needs, as well as your access to technology. The team member will confirm the date and time of your appointment and will ask you to provide verbal consent to the virtual visit. They will also provide you with instructions on how to prepare for your upcoming visit. 

  • How can I tell if I have a virtual appointment on myHealthRecord?

    Virtual visits appear as follows in myHealthRecord: 

  • I have a telephone visit with my healthcare provider. What should I expect?

    Our front desk staff will call you prior to your appointment to confirm your health information. Your physician or healthcare provider will then call you directly. We try our best to call at the designated time, however we do ask all patients to be available for a window of time, in case the provider is running a bit late.

    During your appointment, you and your provider will discuss your current health status, answer questions you may have and discuss next steps. In advance of the call we ask all patients to have their health card ready. We also ask that they have a list of all prescription medications and/or supplements ready, as well as the phone number and fax number to their pharmacy. 

  • I have a video visit with my healthcare provider. What should I expect?

    Prior to your appointment, you will need ensure that you have a myHealthRecord account. If you are on a mobile device, you will need to log-in to myHealthRecord through the MyChart app by Epic Systems (Download: Apple App Store | Google Play), if you are using a desktop or laptop computer you can log-in using the myHealthRecord webpage ( 

    We have detailed video visit instructions that walk you through how you can access video visits on different devices.

    During your video visit, you and your provider will discuss your current health status, answer questions you may have and discuss next steps. Your provider might also share their screen with you to show you helpful diagrams or other visual aids. 

  • How do I know my privacy is protected during a video visit via the Zoom platform?

    WCH has been using Zoom as part of its patient virtual care strategy since December 2019.  WCH wishes to assure patients and their families that we are aware of media articles and concerns expressed over the use of Zoom in providing virtual care. Similar to numerous other healthcare organizations, WCH uses a preconfigured and secured instance of Zoom that is specifically designed for healthcare. For instance, WCH’s video visit sessions use of wait rooms to manage session entry is enforced, meetings are not recorded, chat activity is not saved and all content is configured to traverse only to Canadian data centers.

    Just like other online technology, virtual care tools have privacy and security risks that may result in a breach of your information. WCH continually monitors, reviews, and updates its practices to ensure the privacy and security of confidential information and that our patients enjoy a private and secure virtual care experience.

  • How do I know my privacy is protected during a telephone visit?

    We take patient privacy very seriously and like an in-person appointment, take steps to protect your privacy during a telephone visit. Only your healthcare provider is present during your appointment where they update your health record in our protected Electronic Medical Record system. 

    We also encourage patients to be proactive and take measures to protect their privacy as well. This includes having your telephone visit in a secure location and being aware of who may be able to overhear your conversation. 

  • Can I decline a virtual visit or change my mind?

    You can decline or withdraw your consent for virtual visits at any time by contacting your care provider. 

  • Where can I learn more about virtual care at WCH?

    To learn more about our hospital-wide virtual care initiative, please vist our Women's Virtual page.

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