Celebrating Black History & Futures Month: Meet Dr. Cindy Maxwell!

This Black History and Futures Month, we are spotlighting and celebrating our Black team and community members from across the organization as part of our We are Women’s series.

Dr. Cynthia Maxwell Headshot

Name: Cindy Maxwell

Pronouns: She/Her

Title & Department: Vice President, Medical Affairs & System Transformation and Lead Medical Executive

1. Why did you choose to work at Women’s College Hospital?

I chose to work at Women’s College Hospital because of the culture of caring and dedication to health equity as a driver of innovation. The commitment to helping those experiencing health gaps in our communities is remarkable.

2. Why is Black History and Futures Month significant to you?

This month is an opportunity to reflect on the work that is being done to dismantle systemic barriers to health and well being for Black communities. It is also a time to reflect on the important work ongoing to support Black medical learners at universities and teaching hospitals like ours.