Celebrating Black History & Futures Month: Meet Deryck Dyal!

This Black History and Futures Month, we are spotlighting and celebrating our Black team and community members from across the organization as part of our We are Women’s series.

Name: Deryck Dyal

Pronouns: He/Him

Title & Department: Manager Operations, Environmental Services

1. Where were you born? If you were born outside of Canada, when did you come to Canada?

I was born in Trinidad and immigrated to Canada as a child.

2. How has your Black heritage influenced your work in healthcare?

With my Black and Mixed background, I believe it has helped me understand patients better. Patients can feel alone and scared, and I have previously felt the same at times as a minority. I want everyone to feel they are not alone and can trust others to do what is best.

3. What do you perceive as the main challenge(s) for the Black community in healthcare, both as patients and providers?

Black and Mixed people can feel left out as patients and providers at times, the same as in society. There needs to be more diverse representation from all backgrounds in healthcare and not just the front-line staff.

4. What is your greatest wish for 2023 as it relates to Black History and Futures Month and healthcare?

I hope everyone remembers Black History all year round. We must be open to listen, understand, and respect another’s experience and know it affects us all in one way or another.