tuesday, august 25, 2008
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Women’s College Hospital’s Health Science Library has gone electronic with the addition of a new Virtual Library to the hospital’s intranet. With the click of a mouse, finding and using quality healthcare knowledge resources has never been easier. > MORE

Up and Coming at WCH
Up & Coming at WCH

Contributions of Indigenous Medicine to Modern Health Care > MORE

Treating Complex Trauma: Creating Safety in Relationship > MORE

WCH in the Media

Critics question use of antidepressants to treat PMS - Interview with Dr. Sarah Romans

Project Studies Saliva Test to Assess Breast Cancer Risk - Interview with Dr. Steven Narod

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From the Foundation

Women’s College Hospital is full of Stars – people who go out of their way to provide exceptional care to patients - and they should be recognized. > MORE

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WCH’s Hard Hat Café Opens in Stages > MORE

Wellspring Workshops for WCH Staff > MORE