thursday, september 11, 2008
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Women's Medical Imaging Department. They’ve been busy. They’re boasting big accomplishments. And they’re celebrating. > MORE

e-Health at WCH. Do you wish you had quicker access to patient information? Your life is about to get easier. > MORE

Up and Coming at WCH
Up & Coming at WCH

Medical Imaging Open House and Tours > MORE

Treating Complex Trauma: Creating Safety in Relationship > MORE

WCH in the Media

Women’s College Hospital knows how to help women who have experienced Domestic Violence (DV). We’re also expert at training others to help. > MORE


Our renowned scientists have done it again. We’re thrilled to announce that WCH’s Dr. Mona Loutfy has been recognized by Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation for her outstanding work with the Women and HIV Program. > MORE