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Programme Agenda Day 1

Symposium Agenda
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

** Collecting Information and Sharing Strategies **

What do we know?

  • What are the pressing ethical and legal issues?
  • What has been done in other jurisdictions?
  • What can relevant research contribute?

What can we do?

  • What are some possible solutions for Ontario and for Canada?


8 a.m.

Registration and Refreshments


8:30 a.m.

Welcome and Opening Address

  • Usha George, Ph.D, Dean of the Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson
  • Joanna Anneke Rummens, Ph.D & Angela Robertson, Symposium Co-Chairs


8:35 a.m.

Listening to the Voices of the Medically Uninsured

  • "Your Money or Your Life" - ichannel documentary video excerpt

Keynote Address

  • Dr. David McKewon, Medical Officer of Health, City of Toronto


9 a.m.

What do We Know?
Who doesn't get care and why?
How do the uninsured get care when they do?
What are the consequences of this system?

  • Dr. Michaela Hynie
  • Dr. Luin Goldring and Patricia Landolt, Ph.D


9:30 a.m.

Plenary Session 1
What Can We Do?
What are our legal obligations and policy challenges?
What are the relevant moral and ethical considerations?
How do we shift policy and public perception?
What can we learn from other successful health-care initiatives?

Moderator - Anthony Mohamed

  • Sally Bean
  • Michele Landsberg
  • Nikki Bozinoff - Health for All
  • Lisa Forman, Ph. D


10:25 a.m.

Coffee Break


10:45 a.m.   

Plenary Session 1
What Can We Do? (Q&A Discussion)

  • Sally Bean
  • Michele Landsberg
  • Nikki Bozinoff - Health for All
  • Lisa Forman, Ph.D
  • Notisha Massaquoi
  • Dr. Meb Rashid


11:30 a.m. 

Plenary Session 2
Alternative Health Care Models from Other Jurisdictions
What is being done in other provinces?
What is being done in other countries?
What can we learn from other successful health-care initiatives?

Moderator - Bob Gardner, Ph. D

  • Viewing of short film "UNDOCUMENTARY"
  • Kadri Soova, PICUM - Platform for Internationaly Cooperation on Undocumented Immigrants
  • Francesca Meloni, Ph.D (cand.)
  • Dr. Paul Caulford

12:30 p.m.

Lunch - Networking, Poster Presentations, Information Tables

1:30 p.m.

Concurrent Workshop Sessions: Plans for Action by Topic
For each session:

  1. What do we know?
  2. What are the challenges/barriers to change?
  3. What are the opportunities for action?
  • A. Women's Health - Dr. Lea Rossiter & Kirsten Cocchetto, RN
    Facilitator: Ayesha Adhami
    Classroom: ENG LG6
  • B. Child and Maternal Health - Joanna Anneke Rummens, Ph.D and Manavi Handa, RM
    Classroom: ENG LG5

  • C. Mental Health - Soheila Pashang, Ph. D
    Facilitator: Branka Agic
    Classroom: ENG LG4

  • D. Chronic Disease - Lisa Brown
    Facilitator: Simone Atungo
    Classroom: ENG LG13

  • E. Migrant Workers - Lilian Magalhaes, Ph. D and Christine Carrasco
    Facilitator: TBC
    Classroom: ENG LG2

  • F. Three Month Wait - Axelle Janczur and John Wellner
    Facilitator: Cathy Tersigni
    Room: ENG 103 Auditorium

  • G. Homelessness - Dr. Stephen Hwang and Kate Mason
    Facilitator: Kapri Rabin
    Classroom: ENG LG12

3 p.m.

Coffee Break

3:30 p.m.

Summary Report Back & Closing

  • Bob Gardner, Ph.D
4:25 p.m.

Closing and Thank You

  • Joanna Anneke Rummens, Ph. D and Angela Robertson


Documentary Video Credits:

Your Money Or Your Life: Excerpt from documentary currently in production at Stornoway Communications about the struggle people in Canada face accessing healthcare. Documentary will be broadcast on ichannel in Fall 2012. For more information contact: Kevin O’Keefe kokeefe@ichannel.ca www.ichannel.ca

Pre-release viewing of this short film “Undocumentary” has been made possible courtesy of the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) based in Brussels, Belgium.  This web documentary will shortly be launched on the PICUM website and may be accessed via www.picum.org.  For further information contact Alex Pirlot de Corbion at alex@picum.org


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