Fresh and Functional Updates to

Exciting news – WCH has made some fresh and functional changes to!

Over the past few months, #TeamWCH has been working on quality improvements and design updates to our research and innovation website. On December 20th, WCH officially implemented new changes to improve accessibility on mobile devices, provide the highest industry standard in security, and to make updating content simple for users.


Home Page

The updates to the home page were focused on improving accessibly, design and navigation. The home page now features a more prominent search function, access to information on language settings and includes new buttons and clickable images for improved user experience.

Research and Innovation Pages

“Tabs” now organize content related to research and innovation areas.

Prior to these changes, pages had a “Side Bar” running on the right-hand side of the page that contained information. These “Side Bars” were not mobile-friendly and would appear at the bottom of the page when accessing the site from mobile devices. To provide a better user experience, we have implemented “Tabs” to organize the page content. This feature helps improve navigation and breaks up content, so users are not scrolling to find the information they’re looking for.

Faculty and Active Studies

The Faculty and Active Studies pages are now organized in a “Grid” format. Previously, both pages simply listed and hyperlinked content. Additionally, a keyword search function has been added to both sections allowing users to search based on researcher name and research area. These updates provide a better navigation experience and allow users to find information more easily, avoiding frequent scrolling.

Next Steps

While all content has been migrated over, it’s possible that the path to a specific page has changed slightly, so please be sure to check the main page navigation for its new location. This also provides an opportunity for teams to review existing content and work with Strategic Communications to implement updates. If you have any questions, feedback or concerns please email

One of the most exciting features of the new website is how easily information can be updated on the website. In the coming weeks, more details will be shared on how this new platform will improve access for teams across Academics to make timely and accurate changes to web content.