Leading the way in Patient Care

July 9, 2024

Launched in 2012, family physicians collaborated in the co-design and co-creation of SCOPE, a virtual single point of access to knowledge, resources, and cross-regional navigation. This central platform establishes connections between primary care providers operating in the community and nearby service providers who offer immediate consultations, diagnostic imaging, tailored home and community care, mental health support, and assistance in accessing various services within acute care. 

This year, the team hired Kandil Gudka, SCOPE’s new patient lead. Aligned with Women’s College Hospital’s dedication to providing innovative and patient-centred care, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring an exceptional patient experience on this virtual platform.

“I focus on understanding the patient experience and ensuring that their needs are met and advocated for,” says Gudka.

His role involves actively engaging with patients and other key SCOPE players like nurse navigators and primary care physicians to find ways to optimize the experience for both patient and provider.

“What excites me most is supporting SCOPE in its mission of supporting the community through healthcare services,” he says. “It’s important to ensure that patient needs remain a central consideration in all strategic changes, pivots and growth initiatives,” he says.

To learn more about SCOPE, visit scopehub.ca.