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Each month, Heather McPherson, President and CEO of Women’s College Hospital shares some of her thoughts and ideas about our hospital, our health system, her views on leadership and innovation, and the things that inspire her to create a healthier, more equitable world.  

My next chapter at WCH

Monday April 29, 2019

Heather McPherson, President & CEO, WCH
Heather McPherson,
President & CEO,
Women's College Hospital

It has been almost one month since I took on the role of President and CEO here at this wonderful hospital. And even in just these first few weeks, it has already been a stimulating and inspiring experience.

One of my goals is to encourage open communication and dialogue across this organization and to stay engaged in and connected with all our teams, programs and leaders. One way I will do this is by publishing a monthly blog post where I will share some perspectives and ideas from the various conversations and initiatives that I am a part of.

So here goes…my first blog post!

Although I am new to the role of CEO at Women’s College Hospital, I am not new to the hospital. I’ve had the privilege of working in different roles and leading numerous teams here for many years, most recently, as the EVP of Patient Care and Ambulatory Innovation. So I now have the exciting opportunity to use all the experience and knowledge I have gained in the past to help shape the future of WCH.

One of the aspects that has struck me as I begin this journey, is that even though I am very familiar with many people and programs here, being in this new role means that I am listening, hearing and seeing things in a different way than I did before. And it’s been incredibly interesting to hear people’s insights on the prospects they see ahead of us.

Last week I hosted my first “Coffee & Catch-up” meeting. These are monthly meetings that I’ll be having with groups from across the hospital to share ideas, ask questions and get to know new people. I also started having “CEO Team Visits” with different departments to learn what they’re working on and how they’re putting our “Healthcare Revolutionized” strategy into action. And I’ve been so impressed by the passion and sense of hope I’m seeing, especially people’s commitment to innovation and their desire for us to take calculated risks and forge new paths to improve our health system and developing healthcare for the 21st century.

Healthcare in Ontario is in a tremendously interesting place. Our government is building a new model for our system and we are strongly positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that this will present. I am energized by the potential that lies ahead for WCH and by the incredible chance I have been given to lead us there. I look forward to embarking on this new chapter and working together with you to create new possibilities for us all.

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