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Celebrating our doctors

May 5, 2014

Doctors’ Day
Ontario Medical Association’s Doctors’ Day campaign runs through to the end of the month. Find out more at www.ontariosdoctors.com.


In Ontario, doctors care for more than 320,000 patients each day. To recognize their contributions, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) recently launched its public Doctors’ Day campaign.

The campaign, which began May 1 and runs to the end of the month, is an opportunity for patients, families, healthcare professionals and the public to submit a personalized thank you note to their doctor, either through www.ontariosdoctors.com or by sending a tweet using #thanksdoc.

“I know I speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say it is a great privilege for us to treat and care for our patients every day,” said Stewart Kennedy, president of the Ontario Medical Association. “Today is an opportunity when I, alongside patients, thank each and every one of Ontario’s 25,000 doctors for the amazing work that they do.”

From hospitals and clinics to long-term care facilities and research labs, doctors provide patients with the care they need and exemplify commitment to improving the health of all Ontarians. They continue to play a vital role by providing leadership in areas such as research, teaching and the development of policies surrounding healthcare.

Doctors work hard to improve access to care and ensure that our system is effective, efficient and sustainable for the future.

The ‘Thanks’ tribute program at Women’s College Hospital Foundation works around the same concept. Donations through the program allow families to send a recognition card with a message and commemorative pin to any individual or team at the hospital, who made their experience extraordinary.

“Thank you Dr. Narod and your team in Genetic Breast Cancer testing for potentially saving my life and giving me peace of mind,” said Sandra Rouhi, patient at Women’s College Hospital.

Doctors’ Day was initially recognized as the official appreciation for Ontario’s medical profession in 2011. The date of May 1 coincides with the birthday of Canada’s first female physician, Dr. Emily Stowe, who opened the doors of Canadian medical schools for women and led the creation of Women’s Medical College, known today as Women’s College Hospital.

To learn more about Doctors’ Day, please click here. To specifically thank a Women’s College Hospital doctor through the Women’s College Hospital Foundation Thanks Campaign, please click here.


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