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Family Practice Health Centre nurses work together to provide comprehensive care

June 2, 2014

Women’s College Hospital’s Family Practice Health Centre (FPHC) has 54,000 visits a year, with patients of various ages and health stages. Each of these patients has access to a family practice nurse who provides critical nursing care.

“The best way to describe what we do is a little bit of everything,” said Janet Probst, registered nurse, FPHC, WCH. “We see patients of all ages, in varying health stages and we are able to work with them on their health concerns, from head to toe.”

The FPHC nursing team includes registered nurses, registered practical nurses and nurse practitioners, all of which have different roles and expertise.

Nurses in FPHC work with patients in several types of care including prevention, early detection and screening, and management of existing diseases. Preventive care includes helping patients to stay healthy and administering immunizations. Early detection and screening can include tests such as mammograms or colonoscopies, to check for potential illnesses. Management of existing diseases involves nurses working with patients to manage their health and existing health conditions as best as possible.

Nurses in the FPHC work within teams with assigned patient groups. However, this does not stop them from sharing knowledge and expertise with one another in order to provide the best care possible for patients.

“Many of us have special areas of interest or extensive knowledge about certain health-related topics,” said Carolyn Franke, registered nurse, certified diabetes educator, FPHC, WCH. “We work cohesively to share our knowledge so we can ensure that we are giving our patients the most comprehensive care.”

In addition to providing face-to-face patient care, the nurses also provide advice and information over the phone. Last year, FPHC nurses made more than 20,000 calls to patients providing nursing care including following up on visits, providing health information and answering patients’ questions.

“Having the ability to speak with our patients over the phone means we are able to better assess the need to see them in person,” said Probst. “Depending on the situation, we can sometimes provide a solution to a problem over the phone, which in turn keeps people out of the emergency room.”

As an integral part of the FPHC team, nurses work in partnership with physicians, dietitians, occupational therapists, social workers and pharmacists to provide comprehensive and efficient care.

To learn more about the Family Practice Health Centre, click here.

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