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Women’s College Hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control liaison team enhances safety and spreads awareness

June 16, 2014

Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is committed to keeping patients, staff and volunteers safe. The Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) liaison team plays a vital role in making this happen, by bringing IP&C to the front line.

Originally established in 2010, the liaison team is composed of 15 staff members from various departments that work as IP&C champions in their respective departments and throughout the hospital.

“The liaison team members are the eyes and ears of their respective departments,” said Jessica Ng, manager, IP&C. “They are able to identify potential issues and bring them back for discussion, working towards finding an effective solution.”

Liaison team members provide information, help disseminate updates on IP&C policies and procedures, and promote awareness amongst front-line staff. They also assist in improving compliance rates and meeting IP&C standards.

The team meets every other month to share updates and raise potential issues for discussion. The team also reviews recent news and journal articles about IP&C to stay abreast of current issues.

“Continuous education is important for maintaining effective levels of infection prevention and control,” said Ng. “When new findings come out and we are able to share information as a group, it becomes easier for the information to be disseminated across members’ respective departments, which ensures that everyone is kept up-to-date.”

This year’s liaison team members are:

Julia Murphy, registered nurse, mental health
Thao Thi Nguyen, X-ray technologist, medical imaging
Karin Irwin, registered nurse, Preadmissions Clinic
Jen Paronen, registered nurse, Bay Centre for Birth Control
Bonnie Steadman, charge pulmonary function technologist, Pulmonary Function and Respirology
Justin Turner, registered chiropodist, Foot Care Centre
Josh Fraser, cardiology technician, cardiology
Christine Morgan, registered nurse, operating room
Katie Reid, registered nurse, dermatology
Miriam Young, registered nurse, AACU
Dunja Pavlic, registered nurse, SA/DVCC
Amen Idahosa, registered nurse, SA/DVCC
Lisa Fernandes, pharmacist, Family Practice Health Centre
Paul Goff, environmental partner, Environmental Services
Leroy Ennis, environmental partner, Environmental Services

“On behalf of Women’s College Hospital, I would like to thank both past and current liaison team members for their hard work and dedication to keeping WCH a safe environment,” said Ng.

To learn more about IP&C, click here.

Women’s College Hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control liaison team
The Infection Prevention and Control liaison team
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