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Summer youth volunteers bring their enthusiasm and passion to the hospital

July  29, 2015

Summer Youth Volunteer ProgramPeople often ask our summer youth volunteers why they chose to spend their summer at a hospital. Why not just hang out and relax with friends? Here at Women’s College Hospital (WCH), the 2015 Summer Youth Volunteer Program offers just as many exciting experiences as any other summer activity.

Julia Demaria, an undergraduate student and first-time volunteer, and Judy Chen, a high school student who has been volunteering for two years at WCH, can attest to this. Both are youth volunteers who are dedicating their time – and bringing their enthusiasm and passion – to WCH this summer. Demaria and Chen contribute to various administrative roles and help in directing patient flow. As well, they are currently new members of the social media team.

The social media team is a newly developed program comprised of six volunteers who are in charge of developing creative ideas for the hospital’s Instagram and Twitter pages. Furthermore, Judy and Julia are two of the 54 volunteers this summer, all of whom have various reasons for joining WCH. Some of these reasons include: discovering potential career options, building connections with patients and staff, or simply just wanting to help make a difference.

As a first-time volunteer, Demaria describes her short time at WCH as a remarkable experience.

“Having been born at WCH I already had developed a connection to this hospital. Being a life science student at the University of Toronto has also heightened my drive for discovering other aspects of the healthcare industry,” she says. “I truly want to be here to make any difference, small or large. My first two weeks have been nothing but remarkable.

“My roles range from assisting in the cardiology, pulmonary and respirology clinics to developing ideas for the hospital’s social networking pages. Alongside the diversity of my roles everyone from the patients, to the staff, to my fellow volunteers have been nothing but courteous and enthusiastic. I’m looking forward to volunteering more here in the future,” she adds.

The Summer Youth Volunteer Program caters to the individual interests of the volunteers and ensures that their experiences here will be both memorable and educational. Many volunteers can relate to the memorable experiences of receiving a positive reaction, or kind words, after helping patients get to where they need to go.

All volunteers can attest to the fact that putting smiles on patients’ faces or making someone’s job a little easier is what makes volunteering worthwhile. And WCH offers youth volunteers a variety of experiences and opportunities for people of all interests and capabilities.

A summer with the hospital’s youth volunteer program will leave all members with the drive and motivation to volunteer here year after year. 

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