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Women’s College Hospital launches Workforce Survey 2013

October 15, 2013

Workforce Survey 2013
Starting Oct. 21 join Cubey and be included in Workforce Survey 2013!

Building a workforce made up of people from different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, genders, abilities and sexual orientations is what makes Women’s College Hospital an organization dedicated to equity and diversity. And now, for the first time, WCH is launching a survey to learn even more about its workforce.

From Oct. 21 to Nov. 8 staff, physicians, researchers, volunteers and the foundation will have an opportunity to participate in Workforce Survey 2013. The survey will help WCH get to know the people who make this organization run and also find the best ways to support their needs.  

Workforce Survey 2013 will provide a unique snapshot of the diversity in our workplace and will help us tailor programs and services to meet their needs and plan for the future,” said Marilyn Emery, president and CEO.

Administered by a third-party company – Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion – the Workforce Survey 2013 will help WCH identify demographic characteristics of our staff, physicians, researchers, volunteers and the foundation. This information will lay the groundwork to develop and improve specific programs, policies and practices that support all members of the WCH community.

“At Women’s College, your privacy is our highest priority. We’ve partnered with the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that the survey is 100 per cent confidential and anonymous,” said Jennifer Dockery, director, primary care and health equity and co-lead, Workforce Survey 2013.

All responses will be collected by the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion and will be stored on a server in Markham, Ontario. WCH will not have access to the data and will only receive a compiled summary report so that individual answers will not be shared.

WCH has set an ambitious target of 80 per cent participation rate, so all staff, physicians, researchers, volunteers and the foundation are highly encouraged to complete Workforce Survey 2013 and be included! The more employees that respond to the survey, the more accurate the representation of diversity in WCH’s workforce will be.

WCH is only the second hospital in Canada to participate in this type of survey, apart from Mount Sinai Hospital, who is partnering with WCH on this initiative. The survey results will help promote diversity and continue to build an inclusive environment that fits the growing needs of the workforce and the community served.  

 “Include yourself in the survey and help WCH develop and design new programs, policies and practices that best support our diverse workforce,” said Kristen Winter, chief human resources officer and co-lead, Workforce Survey 2013. “By participating you are playing a key role in determining what the future of WCH will look like.”

On Oct. 21 a link will be sent to all employees to complete the survey online. If you choose to complete the paper version of the survey please pick up a copy from your manager. 

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