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Women’s College Hospital receives top honours from Accreditation Canada

January 27, 2014

Women’s College Hospital (WCH) earned Exemplary Standing, the highest possible standing from Accreditation Canada, following its Accreditation 2013 process in December. To read the Accreditation 2013 Survey Report executive summary, click here.

As part of the program by Accreditation Canada, WCH underwent a rigorous week-long evaluation process. External peer surveyors were on-site to conduct the survey, and WCH was assessed based on Accreditation Canada’s requirements for quality and safety. Measured against 1203 standards, the hospital proved to be outstanding with only four unmet standards.

“This is the outcome of three years of complete dedication and commitment to meeting standards and filling the gaps,” said Marilyn Emery, president and CEO, WCH.

Achieving accreditation with exemplary standing indicates many great accomplishments. Surveyors noted the following during their visit:

  • WCH is working closely with the inpatient acute hospitals in the TC LHIN to contribute to strategies to assist with current pressures in the system such as diversion from emergency rooms, shifting to ambulatory surgery and supporting patients with complex chronic diseases from being readmitted to acute care.
  • The WCH board of directors is committed to values-based, fair, equitable and accessible care for women.
  • Through a performance scorecard, the board reviews on a quarterly basis how the organization leaders are delivering on objectives aligned to the strategic plan and how they are mitigating risk outlined in their enterprise risk management system.
  • WCH has been fortunate to recruit exceptional talent and continue to retain staff over the years.
  • WCH has been accepted to the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CHFI) sponsored Canadian cohort for the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) 2013 Triple Aim Improvement Community (TAIC). This participation and journey over the next few years will support the WCH pursuit of: improving health of the population; enhancing the patient experience of care and reducing or controlling per capita costs of care.
  • All clients interviewed were extremely satisfied with care provided, from the point of access to coordination and navigation.
  • Of note, the promotion, marketing and branding of the WCH programs were outstanding. Communication in multiple languages is so important for the multicultural ethnic community that is served by WCH.

Committed to continuous improvements in quality of care, WCH staff, physicians and volunteers have worked diligently to address and completely Accreditation Canada’s requirements.

“The exemplary standing we were awarded is an extraordinary accomplishment for an organization of our size and shape,” said Jane Mosley, chief nursing executive and health disciplines, professional affairs, WCH.

Highlighting and commending WCH in its efforts, Accreditation Canada thanked the hospital for taking the necessary steps in improving the quality and safety of the services it offers to its clients and community.

“Delivery of care and services in an ambulatory setting is where WCH sets the bar with respect to innovation in system processes and being an international leader in women's health,” stated Accreditation Canada surveyors in their executive summary.

The Accreditation Canada program is designed to focus on quality and safety throughout all aspects of an organization’s services—from governance and leadership to direct care and infrastructure—to the benefit of patients, clients, residents, staff and volunteers.

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