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Survey says: employees more engaged after Accreditation 2010

from the March 7, 2011 issue of Connect

Survey says: employees more engaged after Accreditation 2010

Patient care at Women’s College improved as a result of Accreditation: that was the overall message staff, physicians and volunteers gave in an online survey conducted to gather feedback following Accreditation 2010. In total, 128 people participated in the hospital-wide survey, and rated a variety of items such as the organization’s performance in key areas, how engaged they felt as a result of the Accreditation process, and what areas need improvement.

The process for gathering feedback began early this year when 150 people – including subject matter experts, process tracers, engagement tracers, as well as those who served on the Accreditation committee and nursing advisory council – participated in one of five facilitated debriefing sessions.

Following those sessions, and based on feedback received from staff, an anonymous online survey was distributed to all staff, physicians and volunteers. A common theme was found among both groups: overall, respondents were pleased with the Accreditation process and felt that employee engagement had increased as a result of Accreditation. Engagement was driven specifically by the following:

  • increased learning opportunities
  • clear goals and roles
  • consistent staff meetings
  • frontline input into change
  • ongoing commitment and feedback
  • organizational support

Below are just a few examples of the survey findings:

Q: Overall, as a result of Accreditation 2010, the organization is delivering:

Q: Please describe how engaged you became in the organization as a result of the Accreditation 2010 process.

Q: Has preparation for Accreditation changed your area/department's performance?

Respondents indicated that they would like to see several elements of the Accreditation 2010 survey integrated in the 2013 process. The following are the top four items recommended:

  • education sessions
  • Accreditation web page
  • regular staff meetings
  • Q-tips

In addition, there were a number of ideas for improvement offered by those who filled out the survey. A few of the comments included the following:

  • integrate Accreditation with broader quality-improvement work – don’t work at Accreditation for its own sake
  • create a 2013 project plan and post it on the intranet to increase transparency
  • online education should be an available option for staff
  • make standards and ROPs a required part of reporting for leaders to ensure accountability


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