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Women’s College Hospital launches Code of the Month Education Initiative

from the April 18, 2011 issue of Connect

Women’s College Hospital launches Code of the Month Education Initiative

Do you know which code to call if a patient is missing? Or if you discover a flood? Understanding how to respond to an emergency situation can make all the difference – and that’s why Women’s College Hospital is introducing a new way to learn about emergency response.

This month, Women's College Hospital launched the Code of the Month Education Initiative. Organized by the Emergency Preparedness Committee, the initiative is dedicated to educating staff on each emergency response code in order to effectively manage any unexpected situation or event.

“Staying alert and understanding every code – whether it’s a flood, protest or fire – is critical when responding to an emergency,” says Cris Barrett, clinical director of Chronic Disease Management and Women’s Mental Health Program, and chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee. “Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, physicians and volunteers.”

Each Code of the Month has its own policy and PowerPoint presentation, for staff to review before completing an online quiz. Staff will print out the certificate of completion and submit it to their manager, to ensure all staff has the opportunity to participate. The initiative will run for one year, with one code dedicated to each month (with the exception of August and December).

Along with online quizzes, the Emergency Preparedness Committee is also organizing a monthly interactive practice drill or tabletop exercise for each code. The drills may take place in an area where a specific code typically occurs (i.e. Urgent Care Centre, Surgical Services, Mental Health) and they may include services that are usually involved in an emergency, such as security and switchboard.

Starting off is Code White – teaching us how to react during a violent situation. Review the Code White policy and PowerPoint, and then test your knowledge with the short quiz.

“Responding to an emergency is everyone’s responsibility,” adds Barrett.

Code of the Month

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