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September 5, 2013

WIHVLaunched earlier this summer, the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV, pronounced weave) is an innovation lab that develops and tests new ideas, programs and policy in the world of ambulatory care – and then helps to scale them up across Ontario and beyond.

“WIHV serves as an umbrella for existing and future projects that aim to address serious problems in the healthcare system,” said Dr. Danielle Martin, vice-president, medical affairs and health system solutions. “It also acts as a platform for those projects to be disseminated across the province.”

Dr. Martin, together with Dr. Sacha Bhatia, the director of WIHV, oversees every angle of the new institute. Her passion and expertise for policy and health system solutions is a valuable asset to WIHV and its future initiatives.

Dr. Martin and Dr. Bhatia collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to develop new ways to improve the health system as a whole. WIHV focuses on programs and projects that use resources in creative ways. Its aim is to generate new ideas, new knowledge, new models of care and new approaches to policy that improve outcomes and the patient care experience in an era of limited resources.

WIHV’s purpose is to develop new ideas, test them and put them into practice. Starting small and expanding to healthcare organizations across Ontario, WIHV will adapt to the changing landscapes of the healthcare industry.

“Current projects that we’ve partnered with other hospitals and community organizations on include medical virtual ward, mental health virtual ward and the post-surgical followup mobile application,” said Dr. Bhatia. “This collaborative element of WIHV allows us to share ideas and solutions on a wider scale.”

Dr. Bhatia, a cardiologist with extensive experience in healthcare policy, has helped establish a solid foundation for the institute. He is actively involved with community groups and healthcare organizations to strategically plan and improve the health system.

WIHV’s three project streams include: quality – improving ambulatory care for people living with complex chronic conditions; equity – improving the patient experience and outcomes of marginalized groups; and value – ensuring the sustainability of the healthcare system through a focus on effective, appropriate and efficient care delivery.

“WIHV is only as strong as the staff and physicians in hospitals who participate in our projects,” said Dr. Martin. “We invite all staff and physicians to approach us with their ideas for projects to address gaps in the healthcare system. We want to help galvanize and support the amazing work being done across WCH on health system issues.”

WIHV will also benefit from the expertise of two advisory boards: the Strategic Advisory Board, whose members include: Dr. Chaviva Hosek, Chair, Tom Closson, Don Tapscott, Cathy Fooks, Will Falk, Dr. Lynn Wilson, Dr. Chris Simpson, Michael Decter, Dr. Joshua Tepper; and the Scientific Advisory Board, whose members include Dr. Wendy Levinson, chair, Dr. David Henry, Dr. Paula Rochon, Dr. Moira Stewart and Dr. Paul Dorian.

To read more about WIHV, please visit www.wchospital.ca/WIHV.

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