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The Centre for Ambulatory Care Education (CACE) adds to its growing list of programs

August 6, 2013

Centre for Ambulatory Care EducationWomen’s College Hospital (WCH) thrives on innovation and collaboration to provide the highest levels of patient care. That’s why CACE and the integrated pharmacy department (IDP) announced the formation of a long-lasting partnership last month.

“The recent addition of the integrated pharmacy department to the list of CACE program partners is an important step in our goal of formalizing ambulatory care education,” said Dr. Heather Carnahan, outgoing director, CACE at WCH. “The growth of our programs covering interprofessional activities is very encouraging and important to our ongoing strategic goals and those of the hospital.”

The intention is for a community of CACE programs to share knowledge and develop ideas for the benefit of all members. Pharmacy has a tremendous amount of experience providing ambulatory care and education within this context. Now a CACE program, the IPD has more opportunities to demonstrate leadership and experience in ambulatory care education to other departments.

“The integrated pharmacy department is considered an academic pharmacy. We conduct scholarly activity and have students from undergraduate and doctoral levels practising at WCH,” said Dr. Tom Brown, director of integrated pharmacy department at WCH. “It made perfect sense to partner with CACE, which coincides with the strategic plan at WCH to enhance education and practice in an ambulatory care setting.”

A future goal for CACE and pharmacy is twofold: to disseminate the educational innovations that are currently underway and second, to provide mentorship aimed to enable members of pharmacy (health professionals and trainees) to evaluate the effectiveness of their education programs in a scholarly way.

As CACE works toward developing more formalized relationships with important educational ambulatory programs, the value and expectations associated with pharmacy partnership are productive and positive. In addition to the integrated pharmacy department, CACE also has partnerships with Women’s Mental Health, Family Practice Health Centre and the Complex Care Clinic at WCH.

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