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Women’s College Hospital celebrates the distinguished careers of two retiring physicians Dr. Beverley Richardson and Dr. Susan Stafford

June 24, 2013

Dr. Beverley Richardson and Dr. Susan Stafford
Dr. Beverley Richardson and Dr. Susan Stafford cut the cake at their farewell tea party on June 11.

Women’s College Hospital recognized Dr. Beverley Richardson and Dr. Susan Stafford for their exceptional dedication and commitment to women’s health during retirement tea on Tuesday, June 11.

“Both Dr. Richardson and Dr. Stafford have demonstrated an unwavering dedication to their patients that is truly the highest of standards,” said Dr. Jeff Stal. “They have enriched the medical careers of countless numbers of students and residents who have the luxury of being taught or trained by them.” 

Dr. Richardson started her career at WCH in 1980. Since then, she has been committed to women’s health and the hospital. Because of this, Dr. Richardson has a long list of achievements. Her notable leadership roles during her time at WCH include WCH board member for 24 years, chief of medical staff affairs for 12 years, and Medical Staff Association president/vice-president for eight years. She was also the recipient of the Friends of WCH Legacy Award in 2002 for her leadership in women’s health.

Dr. Stafford joined the WCH faculty in 1975. According to her peers, she has always been a role model for a true clinician. Like Dr. Richardson, Dr. Stafford’s approach to patient care was steered by compassion, hard work and attention to detail for finding the best solutions. Her list of leadership roles is equally impressive: patient care services director for the Department of Medicine (DoM) for six years and DoM Economics Committee chair for six years, among others. In 2004, Dr. Stafford was presented the Leadership Award at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and WCH, and was the recipient of the Women’s Health Education Award in 2010.

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