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Women’s College Hospital is proud to introduce two new medical leadership appointments

January 21, 2013

Dr. Sheila LaredoDr. Sheila Laredo

Dr. Sheila Laredo has been appointed by Women’s College Hospital (WCH) board of directors as our new chief of staff. She will assume this position on Feb. 19, 2013.

Dr. Sheila Laredo has been an invaluable physician and researcher in our endocrinology team for over 12 years as our medical director of the endocrine program and has extensive experience in implementing ‘lean management’ processes into clinical settings.

She is a highly respected physician and has built a distinguished reputation for her expertise in health advocacy and social justice policy changes, working with different levels of government to help develop health policy, training initiatives, and clinical practice guidelines, with a special interest in autism.

Dr. Laredo is also an assistant professor in the department of medicine, division of endocrinology at the University of Toronto. She is teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate medicine, has mentored students clinically and in research, and is the recipient of several teaching awards. She has also been president of the AFP corporation and a member of the research ethic board (REB).

As our chief of staff Dr. Laredo will be a member of the WCH board of directors and the chair of the medical advisory committee (MAC), and she will serve on other board committees as requested. Her primary responsibility will be to advise the board on the quality of care provided by our medical, dental, midwifery staff. She will also advise the board on the process and approvals of credentials for these staff positions.  

Dr. Danielle MartinDr. Danielle Martin

Dr. Danielle Martin has been appointed as our vice-president medical affairs and health system solutions and will take on this new role on April 15, 2013. Dr. Martin has been a family physician in our Family Practice Health Centre since 2006 and is an assistant professor in the department of family and community medicine at the University of Toronto. She is the board chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. She also served on the Health Council of Canada from 2005-2011.

Dr. Martin is considered a leader in the debate over the future of Canada’s health-care system and has been recognized for her contribution to improving health care. In 2006 she helped launch Canadian Doctors for Medicare, representing Canadian physicians who believe in a high quality, equitable, sustainable health system. In 2005, she received the Canadian Medical Association Award for Young Leaders. And in 2006, the Ontario College of Family Physicians named her one of three New Family Doctors of the Year.

She is also an active student of public policy, serving on the advisory board of the Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation and is enrolled in the master of public policy program at U of T.  

Adding to her impressive accomplishments, she was recently named by the Toronto Star in its annual list of the “13 People to Watch in 2013.”

In her new role as vice-president medical affairs and health system solutions, Dr. Martin will provide leadership as a participant on the senior leadership team and the medical advisory committee and will participate in the development and advancement of WCH’s strategic plan. Her external role will include leadership in the area of health system solutions.

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