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WRAP turns 15!

July 8, 2013

The Women Recovering from Abuse Program (WRAP) was established at Women’s College Hospital (WCH) on July 6, 1998. Since then, the innovative, interdisciplinary and feminist program has expanded, helping women overcome childhood trauma through intensive group therapy. 

“Although it’s worth celebrating that we’re still here after 15 years, it’s also very sad to see that our program is still in such high demand,” said Eva-Marie Stern, art psychotherapist at WCH and co-founder of WRAP.

Now a part of the Trauma Therapy Program, WRAP is an eight-week treatment for women who have experienced childhood abuse. The program focuses on building patients’ safety, trust and self-awareness.

Women who enter the program often experience crippling anxiety, depression, dissociation, flashbacks and feelings of alienation, isolation, shame or guilt. Group therapy sessions are led by staff from a variety of disciplines: psychiatrists, mental health therapists, art therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, social workers and nurses.

“WRAP isn’t a silver bullet, but it is a powerful inoculation,” said a recent WRAP participant. “It saved my life.”

WRAP has changed the lives of many people. Patients report that they can face the world with a sense of confidence they never knew before. Students report that they gain an understanding they couldn’t learn elsewhere. The WRAP team has established itself as a leader in trauma treatment.

In addition to the intensive eight-week group, WRAP also offers a “Building Resources Group” before the eight-week treatment to assess readiness and prepare women for the intensive phase of the program. The program also provides education to healthcare professionals and community agencies and takes in students for placement opportunities.

“WRAP is a happening place for many reasons,” said Stern. “For all of us in different ways, it’s been a place to grow stronger – a great reason to celebrate our birthday!”

For more information about WRAP, please click here.

The WRAP team
The WRAP team and students from left to right: Abby Hershler, Meghan Peckham, Mahum Musheer, Lesley Hughes, Nancy McCallum, Eva-Marie Stern, Pat Woods, Sushma Persaud, Anne Fourt, Danita Perepeluk, Nicole Koziel (not pictured: Marlene Duarte Giles).
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