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An innovation partnership for a healthier Ontario

Trillium Health Partners (THP) and Women’s College Hospital (WCH) are excited to announce an innovation partnership that delivers on a shared commitment to improve quality of patient care, equitable access, and value across the Ontario healthcare landscape.

January 22, 2015  |  Download Release

Trillium Health Partners (THP) and Women’s College Hospital (WCH) are excited to announce an innovation partnership that delivers on a shared commitment to improve quality of patient care, equitable access, and value across the Ontario healthcare landscape.

The primary focus of this partnership will involve the scaling up of innovations that have demonstrated improved outcomes for patients and the health system as a whole. As THP and WCH foster and evaluate new ways of delivering care, they will work together to ultimately scale them through the breadth of their organizations’ reach. The two hospitals recognize that their respective strengths offer immense partnership opportunities that will benefit patients within and beyond Ontario.

Women’s College Hospital is Canada’s leading, academic ambulatory hospital and a world leader in health for women. The hospital is focused on delivering innovative solutions that address Canada’s most pressing issues related to population health, patient experience and system costs. A champion of equitable access, WCH advocates for the health of all women from diverse cultures and backgrounds and ensures their needs are reflected in the care they receive.

Trillium Health Partners is the largest academic community hospital in Ontario and a regional centre for women and children’s health. The hospital serves the diverse and growing communities of Mississauga and west Toronto through a full range of inpatient and ambulatory acute care services across three sites, and is modeling a new interconnected system of care that is better organized around the patient.

These organizations are leading research innovations to improve patient care and uncover health system solutions through the Women’s College Research Institute, WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) and the Trillium Health Partners Institute for Better Health.

The partnership will focus on:

  • Bold patient impact – Strengthening capacity to shape the future of healthcare for patients and communities.
  • Scalable Innovation – Translating new discoveries and adapting effective models of care to provide scalable and sustainable system solutions.
  • Broad system impact – Delivering on meaningful health system quality outcomes.
  • Synergizing our strengths – Pooling clinical, education and research strengths to drive tangible solutions and to advocate for health system reform.

The first project this partnership will undertake is called the X-OR. This WCH initiative has been focused on redesigning perioperative pathways and testing new surgical models to enable transformation of traditionally inpatient procedures to outpatient or ambulatory procedures while improving treatment outcomes and patient experience. Together, WCH and THP will work to scale up select surgical innovations and transform care pathways in Ontario.

Benefits for patients will be realized through a series of collaborations to address the needs of patients in our respective communities and opportunities for improvement in our health care system. These projects may include testing new outpatient models of care that don’t require patients to have overnight stays in hospital, improving access to specialists for primary care providers through improved coordination, and reducing utilization of unnecessary tests or treatments.


“At Trillium Health Partners, we are building ‘a new kind of health care’ that can only be achieved through innovative, patient-centred partnerships. Through our partnership with Women’s College Hospital, we have an opportunity to scale leading-edge innovations that will not only benefit our patients, but transform care for patients across Ontario.  In Women’s College Hospital, we are partnering with an organization that has been a driving and inspirational force in women’s health and ambulatory care delivery.”
- Michelle DiEmanuele, President and CEO, Trillium Health Partners

“Women’s College Hospital is committed to advancing the health of all women and delivering on health system solutions here at the hospital and beyond our walls. Our partnerships are central to our success as we extend our reach to ensure that our patients and communities have access to the highest quality patient care. Working with Trillium Health Partners, we will improve integration and care at transition points in the system where patients are most vulnerable to falling through the cracks and we will scale our ambulatory innovations to transform healthcare for patients across Ontario.”
-  Marilyn Emery, President and CEO, Women’s College Hospital


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Women's College Hospital:

For more than 100 years Women’s College Hospital (WCH) has been developing revolutionary advances in health care. Today, WCH is a world leader in the health of women and Canada’s leading, academic ambulatory hospital. WCH is advancing women’s health and delivering sustainable health system solutions by creating innovative models of ambulatory care and advocating for equitable access. As a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto, Women’s College Hospital is training the health professionals of the future to work in ambulatory settings.

Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) is tackling some of the greatest health challenges of our time. It is dedicated to developing medical insights that enhance the health of women and improve healthcare options for all. And by translating research findings into better clinical care, WCRI scientists are having an impact in Toronto, across Canada and around the world. For more information about how Women’s College Hospital and its Research Institute are transforming patient care, visit www.womenscollegehospital.ca and www.womensresearch.ca

Trillium Health Partners:

Trillium Health Partners is one of the largest community-based acute care facilities in Canada. Comprised of Credit Valley Hospital, the Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre, Trillium Health Partners serves the growing and diverse populations of Mississauga, West Toronto and surrounding communities. Trillium Health Partners is a research and teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto Mississauga and the Mississauga Academy of Medicine. To learn more, visit: www.trilliumhealthpartners.ca

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