Celebrating Nursing Week

Today marks the official start of Nursing Week and we are proud to celebrate the many contributions and accomplishments of our incredible team of Women’s College Hospital nurses. This year’s Nursing Week theme of  #WeAnswerTheCall showcases the courage and commitment of the nurses across Canada who have stepped up to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and provide ongoing support for their patients.

We have an extraordinary team of nurses who work in diverse roles at Women’s College as clinicians, researchers, administrators and teachers. Their passion and commitment to their work, their patients and the health system is boundless and every day their work supports our hospital’s vision of healthcare revolutionized for a healthier and more equitable world.

One year into the pandemic, everyone continues to dig deep in order to respond to the unprecedented challenges set before us. Our team of nurses have been critical to Women’s College Hospital’s response, quickly pivoting and stepping into new roles to support one of the largest vaccine rollouts our health system has ever undertaken, helping provide ongoing testing to prevent the spread of the virus, supporting our acute care hospital colleagues and ensuring our patients remain connected to the care they need.

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