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Meet Ian McMillan

  • August 26, 2020
  • BY WCH Staff

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Ian McMillan

Name:  Ian McMillan

Title & Department:  Project Manager, Women’s Virtual

On the WCH team for:  Almost four years

  1. What is your typical role at WCH?
    I started out in Women’s Virtual as the project manager for the OTN eConsult program. My role quickly expanded prior to the pandemic to the workflow side of Women’s Virtual overall – helping to bring the tools on our roadmap from IM/IT build and into clinical workflows to help drive real change in patient care as part of building a virtual hospital. I work with IM/IT, staff, clinicians, and patients on not just adding technological tools into existing workflows, but reimagining care with virtual tools to enhance access, connect expertise, provide care at a distance, and support in-person care. I coordinate working groups, synthesize info, train providers, support patients, and guide discussion on how we might do things differently with technology.

  2. How are you supporting WCH during COVID-19?
    COVID-19 changed my job overnight from planning to implementation. Our integrated video visit rollout, which was planned to expand across the hospital over a 12-month period, suddenly had to be rolled out in days. For the first four weeks of the pandemic, I, like many others, only left the hospital to sleep, doing what I could to ensure that every clinic had what they needed to start seeing patients by video. We’ve also greatly accelerated our virtual roadmap, moving many tools much further ahead in time in our plans, including digital questionnaires, digital care coaches, integrated document sharing, and group video care. I was also fortunate to work on some really exciting workflow changes, like the Mife/Miso no touch abortion pathway in the Bay Centre.

  3. Are there any positive moments or interactions that have stood out to you during this challenging time?
    I have seen this organization shine during this pandemic and have a newfound appreciation for every person I’ve spoken with since it all started. I really want to thank everyone for the incredible patience and passion that I’ve seen – to all the clinicians who were eager to see their patients, to the directors, clinic managers, workflow supervisors, and secretaries who I’m sure I created headaches for, and to everyone else who was involved in the video visit rollout. Doing things quickly means things may not go right the first time, but everyone remained open to change and were incredibly supportive. I’d also especially like to draw attention to the incredible dedication of our IM/IT team, who continue to work tirelessly and inspire me every day to try to be better, and the staff who have been redeployed from WIHV and the clinical areas to assist Women’s Virtual with supporting patients. I hope they are all able to see the incredible impact that they’ve had on peoples’ lives over the last several months.

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