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WCH clinicians recognized for excellence in teaching

  • January 28, 2019
  • BY Jen Brailsford


Five Women’s College Hospital (WCH) clinician teachers received the University of Toronto’s (UofT) inaugural MD Program Teaching Award of Excellence for the 2017 – 2018 academic year. The new award was introduced by UofT medical students and recognizes faculty in the MD Program who have attained Teaching Evaluation Scores in the top 10 per cent.

The award recipients took a moment to share what inspires them to teach and some words of wisdom on what makes a great teacher.

Dr. Shoba Sujana Kumar
Staff physician, endocrinology & metabolism and internal medicine, WCH
Assistant professor,
faculty of medicine, University of Toronto 

“I have been teaching from the time I was a resident. I am a clinician teacher at the University of Toronto, so I am actively involved in the clinical work and education of medical trainees.

I love teaching because I think it is a) a way to give back, b) a way to shape our future doctors and what they learn, and c) rewarding to watch trainees learn new information and how to apply it as well as to grow as physicians.”

Dr. Philip Doiron
Staff dermatologist, education lead for dermatology, clinician teacher, WCH Assistant professor, faculty of medicine, University of Toronto 

“I find teaching rewarding, and it keeps me on my toes and current. My goal as a teacher is to make both formal and informal learning opportunities valuable for learners, to encourage enthusiasm and interest for dermatology and to continue to refine my teaching for learners at different stages.

The secret to being a good teacher? Enthusiasm, respect and patience!”

Dr. Soohun Chun
Cardiologist, Women's College Hospital and University Health Network 
Medical director, echocardiography lab, Women's College Hospital 
Assistant professor, faculty of medicine, University of Toronto 

“I have always wanted to teach and inspire students like some of my mentors did—I hope to make small differences every day!  

I think the most important asset as a teacher is to care. I really want my students to maximize their potential and reach beyond their goals.”

Dr. Zoe Lysy
Division of endocrinology, WCH
Faculty of medicine, University of Toronto 

“I teach because I want to make the learning experience fun for trainees but also because it constantly challenges me, whether through the trainees’ insightful questions or because it brings a fresh perspective on a patient.

One of the most important qualities I can think of for a teacher is to know how to read the room. Every learner is different in their knowledge base and objectives for the day, so I find that adapting to this and finding what will make teaching points click is the most rewarding and challenging part about teaching.”

Dr. Jakov Moric
Head of the division of respirology, site director of internal medicine, WCH
Faculty of medicine, University of Toronto 

“My goal as a teacher is to try and convey information to students by creating a safe and inviting atmosphere for learning. I don’t teach through intimidation or fear and find that counter intuitive to delivering information to students in a manner that is conducive to information retention. 

I think it is important for a teacher to be patient and be adaptable, and able to deliver information in a variety of different ways.”

Congratulations to all of these inspiring teachers on the award!

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