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New Indigenous artwork on display at WCH

  • May 27, 2019
  • BY the Women’s College Hospital Indigenous Health Education Group

There are several Indigenous Health initiatives underway which compliment Women’s College Hospital’s services, programs and research. Dr. Lisa Richardson, strategic lead in Indigenous Health at Women’s College Hospital and University of Toronto, has been spearheading a multi-pronged, extensive approach to Indigenous Health transformations at WCH.

Some of these areas of focus include, but are not limited to research, education, digital and library resources, aligning with healing professionals and traditional practitioners to increase access for Indigenous patients and students to culturally safe services, care and education.

In planting these seeds and nurturing relationships amongst WCH staff and new Indigenous community members, sub-contractors and developing governance procedures - we have much to look forward to - in unity, as the WCH environment welcomes a new art installation co-curated by Sara Roque and Elwood Jimmy. In addition to showcasing the strengths of Indigenous peoples through art, we hope that the work also will help create a welcoming environment for Indigenous clients, and will be an opportunity for learning for all staff. 

The selected art works were created by Indigenous women with a thematic focus on healing, and it is through this everyday environmental influence that the Indigenous Health Education Team and growing Decision Making Council strive to cultivate a space that feels more safe, inclusive and vibrant overall. Some of you may have already met with Dr. Lisa Richardson, Theresa Kay or other Indigenous Health Education staff and committee members to review the art-book and discuss placement(s), as making personal connections and engaging with the broader WCH clinics, department directors and staff is a goal we endeavour to maintain and nurture. This will be ongoing.

We hope you are as inspired by the new work as we are, and that you feel comfortable speaking to our team about how to contribute to the overall goal of making WCH a safe place for all peoples.

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