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Meet Melanie Henry

  • September 15, 2020
  • BY WCH Staff

We are Women’s offers the WCH community a chance to get to know each other and share our stories.  Melanie Henry

Name:  Melanie Henry

Title & Department: Advanced Practice Nurse, Family Practice Health Centre

On the WCH team for: Two years 

  1. What is your typical role at WCH? 
    Typically I engage in both direct and indirect clinical care where I mentor, support, and work to advance the nursing practice within the inter-professional team. I also develop, promote and role model evidence based and best clinical practices. In addition to the above I lead and champion the integration of person and family centred care initiatives. Finally, another aspect of my typical role involves leading and facilitating quality improvement initiatives across the Family Practice Health Centre and aiding with geriatric and wound care. 
  2. How are you supporting WCH during COVID-19? 
    I have been redeployed to the LTC + Program, an initiative that provides virtual non-urgent consultations for specialized services such as palliative care, behavioral services, geriatrics specialized care and wound care, to name few. During the pandemic, I have also been supporting the nursing staff with assessing patient needs, problem solving and developing care plans. An integral part of my role with the LTC+ program is to connect staff with community resources and coordinate services to promote safe and high quality care for long-term care residents. I also provide support around COVID-19 related questions or concerns, including testing and provincial recommendations. 
  3. Are there any positive moments or interactions that have stood out to you during this challenging time? 
    Being able to work with long-term care facilities, who have been severely impacted by the pandemic, has had a lasting impact on me. For example, being able to provide up to date information around the ever changing COVID-19 virus, and support our mobile assessment team with COVID-19 swabs has been extremely rewarding. 

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