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Women’s College Hospital First in Canada to Join Figure 1’s Global Health Education Network

  • March 9, 2016

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Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is the first Canadian hospital to use Figure 1, a medical case-sharing platform, to showcase healthcare to physicians around the world. WCH joins other world-class institutions on Figure 1 such as Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Using the Canadian-made app, WCH is now sharing medical cases with more than half a million healthcare professionals.

Under the leadership of the WCH Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV), the hospital will share cases from an in-house teaching website developed by Chief Medical Resident Dr. Bourne Auguste. All images are non-identifiable to protect privacy and patients have consented to their use.

Originally launched to educate medical students and trainees rotating through the hospital, the website now welcomes visitors from across Canada, the U.S., Brazil, the U.K. and Australia. This new partnership broadens WIHV’s virtual teaching capacity to reach healthcare providers around the world.

“WIHV is proud to continue the tradition of advancing the innovation agenda. We are committed to building partnerships with organizations that develop cutting edge technologies and approaches to healthcare,” says Dr. Sacha Bhatia, Director of WIHV and staff cardiologist at WCH. WIHV is uniquely situated within WCH, which has a mandate to test and implement new models of care, scaling successful innovations beyond the hospital’s walls to improve patient outcomes, while reducing costs within the system.

“We are proud to welcome Women’s College Hospital to Figure 1”, said Dr. Sharon Vorona, Figure 1 Medical Director. “Women’s College Hospital is ideally positioned to lead the global discussion on women’s health issues.”



About Women’s College Hospital 

For more than 100 years Women’s College Hospital (WCH) has been developing revolutionary advances in healthcare. Today, WCH is a world leader in the health of women and Canada’s leading, academic ambulatory hospital. A champion of health equity, WCH advocates for the health of all women from diverse cultures and backgrounds and ensures their needs are reflected in the care they receive. It focuses on delivering innovative solutions that address Canada’s most pressing issues related to population health, patient experience and system costs. The WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) is developing new, scalable models of care that deliver improved outcomes for patients and sustainable solutions for the health system as a whole. 

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