PRESS RELEASEFebruary 21, 2019

Heather McPherson Appointed President & CEO of Women’s College Hospital

  • February 21, 2019

TORONTO, February 21, 2019 – Wendy Cukier, Chair of the Board of Directors of Women’s College Hospital and Chair of the CEO Selection Committee, is pleased to announce that Heather McPherson has been appointed as the hospital’s new President & CEO, effective April 1.

 “Women’s College Hospital has a bold new strategy focused on developing new approaches and technology-enabled models of care to improve treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. The hospital is breaking new ground in virtual care and developing solutions for the most urgent issues facing our health system,” said Cukier. “We are confident that Heather is the right leader at the right time to ensure we realize that vision. She is a collaborative and strategic leader who has led the establishment of innovative clinical services for patients and the integration of programs across the system and community. She can both see the future for WCH – Healthcare Revolutionized – and lead us there. As WCH’s Executive Vice President of Patient Care and Ambulatory Innovation, Ms. McPherson has deep roots in the hospital and a proven track record. “

 Over the past five years, Ms. McPherson has led some of Women’s College Hospital’s most transformative and challenging initiatives including the operationalization of the new hospital building, the implementation of an electronic health record and the evolution of the Acute Ambulatory Care Unit (AACU) to name but a few. She is a registered Occupational Therapist and holds a Master of Science from the University of Toronto and is an adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.

 “I am looking forward to building on the legacy of the hospital’s current President and CEO, Marilyn Emery,” said Ms. McPherson. “WCH is a world leader in the health for women, health equity and health system solutions. It is a hospital designed to keep people out of hospital. Our ground-breaking innovations address the most pressing issues related to population health, patient experience and system costs. The environment is challenging but our future is bright.”  



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For more than 100 years Women’s College Hospital (WCH) has been developing revolutionary advances in healthcare. Today, WCH is a world leader in the health of women and Canada’s leading, academic ambulatory hospital. A champion of health equity, WCH advocates for the health of all women from diverse cultures and backgrounds and ensures their needs are reflected in the care they receive. It focuses on delivering innovative solutions that address Canada’s most pressing issues related to population health, patient experience and system costs. The WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) is developing new, scalable models of care that deliver improved outcomes for patients and sustainable solutions for the health system as a whole. 

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