Over 100 staff and physicians celebrated long-service milestones this year

Women’s College Hospital (WCH) held its annual Long Service Awards event on January 30, 2023, recognizing over 100 WCH staff and physicians for their commitment and dedication to the hospital. The awards ceremony was held virtually with all members of our Senior Leadership team participating, and award recipients were treated to an after-ceremony reception in the Pink Cube with delicious treats and drinks.

This year, we celebrated an incredible 111 staff and physicians marking service milestones at WCH of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years. WCH President & CEO Heather McPherson greeted recipients by opening up the awards ceremony , acknowledging the tremendous efforts and hard work #TeamWCH brings to the organization.

“Every day, you embody the spirit of innovation, teamwork and excellence,” McPherson said. “However, I truly believe it is your compassion for our patients, community and for each other that sets Women’s College Hospital apart. People are the heart and soul of Women’s and I firmly beleive we have some of the best, brightest and most caring people who are committed to making a meaningful difference. The 111 milestones we are celebrating today are a testament to that.”

Attendees were taken back in time through the decades as we recognized each milestone year with nostalgic videos, complete with music from the time, the top movies of the year, WCH milestones and even a reminder of how much the going rate for Toronto houses and gas were. Everyone in attendance – Senior Leadership included – had a great time looking back at the different decades and cheering on their colleagues for their hard work and service milestones.

“What I love most about this event is the opportunity to reflect on all that we have achieved while also looking forward to the possibilities of the future,” said Sandra Smith, VP, People, Culture, Equity & Corporate Human Resources Officer. “Today, our hospital culture is shaped by you – our leaders, clinicians and staff members who break down barriers and push the boundaries of traditional healthcare in pursuit of equity and excellence.”

The Long Service Awards website for our 2022 recipients, which includes photos, quotes and memories spanning the past four decades, is available for staff and physicians to see who celebrated a milestone this year. For recipients who have not already submitted a photo or quote, please feel free to send them to recognition@wchospital.ca. The 2022 Long Service Awards event was recorded and is available to watch here.