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Endocrinology Program

Clinics A-Z

  • Centre for Integrated Diabetes Care: This program offers a multidisciplinary, integrated care approach for patients with Type 1 Diabetes, emerging adults with Type 1 diabetes (ages 18-29) and complex patients with Type 2 Diabetes. The program has lead an insulin pump program providing resources and support for patients on insulin.
  • Centre for Osteoporosis & Bone Health: Multidisciplinary program providing expertise in osteoporosis care and metabolic bone disease. Through collaboration with family physicians and other health care providers in rural/remote Ontario, the program also delivers clinical care to complex patients in the community through the Ontario Telemedicine Network.
  • Thyroid Program: This groundbreaking Thyroid Program is a rapid access program that works like a one-stop shop for patients with all forms of thyroid dysfunction and thyroid cancer. The result is a patient centered model of care with the potential to cut wait times in half. This program is also the program in Ontario doing total thyroidectomies within an ambulatory surgery model.
  • Women's Reproductive Health: A unique expertise in reproductive endocrinology, including programs in Turner's Syndrome, Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Our programs take a broad-based and comprehensive approach to these conditions. In PCOS, we use an interdisciplinary approach in collaboration with the Gynecology Program. The Women's Reproductive Health program includes:
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Clinic
    • Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Clinic for Women with Turners Syndrome
    • Premature Ovarian Failure Clinic
    • Endocrine Preconception and Pregnancy Program

Making an appointment

Patients are seen only by referral from a physician.

Referring a patient

Please see each clinic for specific referral requirements and forms.

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Location & Contact Information

Endocrinology Program
Women's College Hospital
76 Grenville Street
3rd floor
Toronto, ON M5S 1B2

Phone: 416-323-6013

The hospital is fully accessible. All clinics have wheelchair accessible washrooms.

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