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June 2019 Conference Videos

On May 31st, 2019 a symposium was hosted by the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital entitled:

Impacts of Wireless Technology on Health: A symposium for Ontario’s medical community.

The symposium consisted of presentations and interactive group discussion about the impact of wireless technology on health. Speakers included clinicians, medical researchers, patient advocates and technicians discussing the demographics, toxicology, epidemiology  and pathophysiology or wireless technology, current best practices for management of illness, up-to-date research and the lived experiences of patients.

Here is the link to view the talks presented on that day:

Carcinogenicity of wireless radiation: IARC implications

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 and global trends regarding EMFs

Wireless radiation harms without heating: how we know and implications

Impacts of EMFs on health in the community

Clinical observations and European practice guidelines for EHS

House inspections - Findings and remediation

Disability issues

Using law and advocacy to win accommodations and promote reform in a wireless world

Wireless justice- from precaution to prevention

Impacts on learning institutions, students and teachers

Advocacy: C4ST, WEEP, EPIC - Melissa Chalmers

Advocacy: C4ST, WEEP, EPIC - Barbara Payne

EMF Canaries - Clinical experiences

Next Steps - Summary and Open discussion

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