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Referrals to Environmental Health Clinic

We require a written referral from your family doctor before we make a clinic appointment for you. If you do not have a family doctor, please make an appointment with a family doctor of your choice to establish ongoing care and obtain a referral. The Environmental Health Clinic does not provide ongoing care to clients. Blood work is required as part of the referral process.

Your family doctor will receive a written report outlining our assessment findings and suggestions for your care. Your family doctor is responsible for follow-up on the suggestions made by the Environmental Health Clinic for managing your health care.

Pre-visit Questionnaire

We will ask you to complete and return a pre-visit questionnaire before a clinic appointment is made for you. The questionnaire provides the opportunity for you to describe your medical history in a complete, organized way and to assist the clinic staff in planning for your visit.

If you have questions or difficulties when completing the questionnaire, the clinic nurse will be pleased to help you.

Laboratory Tests
According to the evidence-based scientific literature, in agreement with the Environmental Health Clinic’s physicians, laboratory screening to rule out other conditions is advisable before you are seen at the EHC.

You will be notified when an appointment is made for you. Expect your initial appointment to take several hours. One to two shorter follow-up appointments will be offered to complete your assessment. Our waiting list for new referral appointments is approximately one year.

When you come for the clinic appointment, please bring all the prescription and non-prescription medications and vitamin/mineral supplements you are currently taking (or an updated list).

The cost of all visits to the clinic is covered by OHIP.

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Location & Contact Information

Environmental Health Clinic
77 Grenville St.
Main floor, Room 107
Toronto, ON M5S 1B3

Phone: 416-351-3764
Toll-free: 1-800-417-7092
Fax: 416-323-6130

Hours of Service:
Monday to Thursday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

This building is wheelchair-accessible.

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