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General Psychiatry & Mental Health in Medicine - Group

Group Session Information – January 2019 to December 2019

Table of Mental Health Program

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

PROGRAM UPDATE: Due to high internal demand we are not accepting external referrals at this time.

Based on the work of Aaron Beck, CBT emphasizes the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This 8 - 10 week group will assist individuals to develop strategies to manage previously overwhelming situations thereby increasing their self-awareness and reducing their symptoms. The co-facilitators will encourage and provide opportunities for individuals to develop a practice of using cognitive and behavioral strategies and tools in a supportive group setting. Please note: No waitlist is held for this group.


The CBT Referral Form is required to register for this program.

Day Treatment Program (DTP)

Day Treatment Program (DTP) offers a psycho-educational approach to treatment for adults whose mental health concerns have impacted their daily lives. We aim to develop strength-based strategies with clients to self-manage challenges, increase daily activity level and enhance socialization through skills training, support and structure.

DTP is designed as a12 week program, running 3 consecutive mornings each week.


The DTP Referral Form is required to register for this program.

Seeking Safety Treatment Group

This treatment is designed for people with a current substance use disorder, a relational trauma history and symptoms of PTSD.  This group emphasizes the relationship between substance use and trauma. This group is open to internal and external referrals. Please note: No waitlist is held for this group.


The Seeking Safety Treatment Referral Form is required from a treating physician who can follow the participant while they are in the group.


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