Project Launch: Step Two is Now Live

On November 23rd, Academics initiated Step 2, Part II: Service Providers’ Impact as a part of the Department’s multi-phased operations program Project Launch.

This new mandatory section allows teams to electronically submit their Impact Analysis Forms for Medical Imaging, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy and/or Strategic Communications for review and approval.

Step 2: Part II, Service Providers’ Impact

This new step in the standardized Reviews and Approval process will create a clearer and more streamlined process. Allowing teams to work closely and collaboratively with WCH service providers to ensure that any impacts are fully addressed before the initiation of a study or project.

The forms have all been developed through extensive consultation with WCH service providers and stakeholders. While forms have previously existed for Medical Imaging, Laboratory Services and Pharmacy, a new Strategic Communications form has been created. This stems from an increasing need to engage patients and the community in recruitment activities.

Teams can now begin using the new Service Providers’ Impact forms. A “how-to” set of instructions is also available on the research website. Please note that a WCH email address and VPN/onsite access is required along with access to REDCap. For access to REDCap please email

Project Launch: Progress to Date

The Project Launch initiative aims to streamline existing processes within Academics so that anyone across the organization can initiate a research study, scholarly quality improvement project or engage in education scholarship.

As part of this initiative Step 1: WCH Initiation Form was launched this past May. The Initiation Form promotes greater awareness of existing resources and the requirements necessary to launch studies and projects within Academics. After completion, a generated checklist provides a list of key contacts, links, resources, and other crucial information, so that teams have a clear understanding of next steps. So far, it has been used over 110 times by teams across WCH!

Project Launch: Next Steps

The Academics team is hard at work on both Part 1 (Pre-Consultation) and Part 3 (Department Feasibility & Scientific Review) of Step 2. Part 1 will include information on conflict of interest, as well as training attestations for teams planning to launch a study or project.

Part 3 will include a variety of interactive forms aiming to streamline current processes while helping to reduce redundancies across departments. Academics has been working closely with WCH stakeholders, including clinical departments, to address their needs through the development of these electronic tools and resources. Teams will be required to complete all applicable forms and submit for review, including their department feasibility and scientific review.

As new processes and resources are developed as a part of Project Launch throughout 2023 they will be announced across both Academics and WCH more broadly.