Slam Dunk your Junk – into the proper waste streams

April 23, 2023

Waste reduction at Women’s College Hospital is about to get a lot more fun! Starting at the beginning of May, Environmental Services (EVS) will be rolling out their new waste reduction program, Slam Dunk the Junk!

When organic wastes – such as food, yard and paper – are disposed in landfills, they produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. According to Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory, landfills accounted for 23 per cent of methane emissions in 2020. In a 2021 feedback survey, Team WCH voiced their concerns about waste streams and indicated the need for more access to organics and compost bins.

To address this need and to help reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, Environmental Services is rolling out their new waste reduction program, Slam Dunk the Junk, and is introducing multi-sort waste bins that will include organics in all kitchenettes and eating areas. Smaller kitchenettes will have standalone organics bins under counters. These new bins will also replace waste bins in offices.

The new program, aimed at reducing waste and educating staff, vendors, patients and visitors on how to utilize proper waste streams, will rely on team members getting familiar with what types of waste go in each waste stream, and making sure we’re always disposing of waste properly.

Part of the program will also see changes to the way EVS cleans offices and workspaces, including emptying waste bins. Starting in June, garbage bins will be removed from offices and EVS will shift to cleaning offices once weekly, meaning team members will need to take their compost and waste to the multi-sort bins in kitchens or eating areas. By properly sorting your waste into organics, recycling and landfill streams, you can help combat climate change!

As part of the launch of Slam Dunk Your Junk and to celebrate Earth Day, EVS will be hosting an Atrium booth in the Peter Gilgan Atrium on Friday, April 28 from 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Stop by to learn about the new program and what goes into each waste stream and have some fun testing out your knowledge of waste streams by dunking your junk into the bins!

Find more information about Slam Dunk Your Junk, visit the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee intranet page.