Stronger Together: Hospital Accreditation 2022

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and safety, Women’s College Hospital participates in Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum program. The Accreditation process is an opportunity to evaluate the care and services we provide against national standards of excellence. It allows us to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in a way that is transparent and holds us accountable to our communities. Accreditation Canada has a high degree of recognition in the international healthcare community and WCH proudly displays our Accreditation status in the hospital’s lobby and on

Our next onsite survey is December 5-9, 2022. Originally, Accreditation Canada surveyors were scheduled to visit WCH this past December, but due to pandemic pressures we successfully advocated for a postponement so that WCH staff, physicians, learners, volunteers, patients, and care partners can fully engage in the process.

We take pride that in the last survey conducted in 2017, WCH received Exemplary Standing with 100% of the criteria met, the highest ranking awarded by Accreditation Canada. It was the result of ongoing improvement and innovative re-design efforts across all areas of the hospital.

“We are eager to share what we have accomplished and learned throughout the pandemic about delivering innovative, high-quality, and safe care that is connected to our community. Accreditation Canada provides a valuable feedback opportunity for WCH.” says Jack Woodman, Vice President, Strategy, Quality, Risk & Privacy, WCH. The past two years have validated that Team WCH’s strengths are rooted in our drive to collaborate, share resources, and be supportive so that we can be STRONGER TOGETHER.

Leading up to the onsite survey, Team WCH will participate in a number of activities related to quality and safety including assessments, improvement initiatives, and education. There are several opportunities to win fun prices, including gift cards to Amazon, Winners, and more, so we encourage you to stay engaged and participate!

Stay tuned for updates and features in the coming months. To learn more visit the Accreditation Intranet Hub or contact Nimrah Kiyani, Quality Specialist, at

Does quality matter to our patients?
“As a retired nurse of 40 years, I feel quality care is important.
My team gave me top notch professional care.
I am heartened to experience healthcare as it should be
Please keep up your good work. Thank you!”

WCH patient, via patient experience survey, 2021
Stronger Together - WCH Accreditation 2022
Accredited With Exemplary Standing - Accreditation Canada Seal