Teams Room Implementation

June 2, 2023

Women’s College Hospital’s (WCH) IM/IT department has recently added “Teams Room” systems to specific meeting rooms:

  • Conference Room 4406, level 4
  • Conference Room 6201, level 6

Teams Rooms can support hybrid meetings seamlessly, providing quality video and audio to all attendees.


What is a Teams Room?

Microsoft Teams Rooms are flexible video conferencing and collaboration solutions designed to make meetings easier for the age of hybrid work.

How do I add the Teams Room to my meeting?

No change in how you book the room. Book the meeting room exactly as you have done in the past – the Teams Room tablet will then show your meeting on the device schedule when you attend the meeting.

How do I start the meeting?

On the tablet in the room. Find your meeting in the schedule and click join. It will show the current and approaching meetings. See example below:

Controls on the Tablet?

Once in a meeting you can add participants from the tablet. You can also adjust the volume of the speaker, mute the in room mic and turn off the video if desired.

What if I don’t have a meeting booked?

You can start a new meeting right from the tablet and add participants that are required.

Do I have to be the organizer of the Teams meeting?

No. You can add the room to a teams meeting appointment and join the call as a participant.

How do I share my screen in a Teams Room scenario?

Two options :

  1. You can connect the HDMI cable attached to the tablet and share you screen/window.
  2. You can join the meeting from your personal device and share your screen/window. It will also allow you to send computer audio to the teams room and remote participants.
    NOTE: If you are joining the teams call from a laptop/device in the room with the teams room. To avoid feedback/echo you should mute your speakers and turn of your mic.

Can I use this device with Zoom?

Yes you can attend a zooms meeting from this device – add the room to the invitation for the call. You will then be able to join the zoom call from the Teams Room device. The meeting will be listed in the schedule with a join option on the tablet.  You cannot host a Zoom meeting from these devices.

Can I share content on the TV in room like I used to? Without being in a meeting?

Yes you can connect to display via the HDMI cable attached to the Teams Room device.

NOTE – Please do not disconnect or change the connections for any of the room devices.