Accreditation Quizzes: Winner Round-Up

May 11, 2022

By Jaimie Roebuck

WCH’s next onsite Accreditation survey is December 5-9, 2022 and teams are busy working to improve process es, brush up on safety practices, and update key resources for staff and patients. In the lead up to our last Accreditation survey in 2017, Quick Tips, also known as Q-Tips, were very successful.

Q-Tips are pocket-sized cards that outline key information about a WCH process in a short, digestible format. Examples of Q-Tip topics include Emergency Preparedness, Falls Prevention, Ethics Processes, Patient Engagement and Incident Reporting. For Accreditation 2022, we have re-introduced Q-Tips with a twist!

Q-Tips have been hidden within Accreditation articles in WCH Connect. Q-Tips have also been accompanied with a quick quiz to test your knowledge. One winner has been selected from each quiz and our winners have come from all across WCH! They have received a gift card of their choice to hot spots like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Indigo, SportChek, Homesense and more.

Take a look below to see our winner round-up to date!

There will be more opportunities to win gift cards and other fun prizes, so keep reading the Accreditation articles in WCH Connect for your chance to win!

For more information about Accreditation 2022, you can visit the Accreditation Intranet Hub on the Intranet homepage.