Who We Are

An image of womens college hospital that breaks off into smaller images of patients and doctors at the hospital. Text overlays the image that says Healthcare Revolutionized


For more than 100 years, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) has been developing revolutionary advances in healthcare and we continue to build on this rich legacy established by our founders – courageous pioneers who refused to accept the status quo. Today our hospital is still shaped by leaders who break down barriers in the pursuit of equity and excellence for the 21st century.

Women’s College Hospital is a world leader in health for women, health equity and health system solutions – a hospital designed to keep people out of hospital. We are developing ground-breaking innovations that address issues related to population health, patient experience and system costs. We advocate for health equity because we know that a healthy society requires a level playing field where everyone has access to timely, high quality, efficient and compassionate care.

We have chosen an ambitious vision, to revolutionize healthcare for a healthier and more equitable world. And we are achieving this bold objective as a unified organization, together with you – our patients, caregivers, thought leaders and generous donors.

We see a future of Healthcare Revolutionized, where we are setting a new pace for transformative redesign in healthcare. We aim to confront gender and social inequities that threaten people’s health; to bring virtual care into the mainstream; and to reimagine how healthcare services are delivered so we can help solve our health system’s most urgent issues and close the health gaps for all.